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change the direction of the train if you concentrate

i figured how to switch it and then made it match my breathing ive never felt so powerful


can’t breathe…. to much hyper ventalating
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Not asking for too much :)http://www.facebook.com/AboveBeyondFamily
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my set from my boy arweezy’s birthday party

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If I see one more post about girls thinking guy glovers are the hottest thing ever



I’m going to laugh hysterically for 15 minutes before putting my head through a brick wall.

In other news, new video later tonight. Unless I get a bunch of messages from girls wanting to date me after, I call bullshit LOL

Or when guys say its so hot when girls glove, I honestly don’t find it attractive, like its a plus but i honestly don’t give a fuck if they do or don’t. My gf does, but that’s not what attracted me towards her haha, all yall are just THIRSTY.

Well it’s not like it’s the only thing I’m attracted to about my girlfriend but it is very sexy to see the talent in my love …who are you to judge people on what they find attractive

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Hang my head, 
Drown my fear, 
Till you all just 
Check out my Gifs - Naricain
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wut is this place and where has it been the last 2 months of my life

i missed you family

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welcome to the trip pit.
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